Monday, July 8, 2013

Cardboard Therapy 7/8/13

Welcome to another round of Cardboard Therapy. Collection is small this go around but still some good stuff . Spent a majority of post games chatting with the players. This coming Saturday (July 13th) the Tampa Yankees are releasing their 2013 Team Set. If all goes right we would be slotted to pick up 4 sets. With this set containing a majority of the players still at the current level, the autographs should be coming in fast and furious at that point. As for now this is what has recently came into the collection. All the following autographs came during the July 6th (Alex In Brevard) game. On to the Goods. HINT take a good look at the last image.

Gary Sanchez Game Used Jersey In Person Auto
Peter O'Brien Game Used Jersey In Person Auto 
Peter O'Brien In Person Auto
Alex Rodriguez & Peter O'Brien signed mini Helmets

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