Sunday, July 7, 2013

Alex in Brevard Part II

I hit the road again for the a ride that was just a shade over an hour. This time around Space Coast Stadium wasn't as "Busy." The "hecklers" were pretty quite the "fan" were pretty quite overall the fans didn't have much to get rowdy for. It was a good pitchers game. Let me get to the meat that everyone is looking for Alex went 0-3. How exciting huh? On the plus side he looks a lot better this rehab compared to last year. The swing and miss that I saw plenty of last year while he was in Lakeland is not there. Timing is off just a tad behind/ahead. Something I totally expected. I for one am encouraged at what I see. I hope they don't push him just to get him up. Let him work it out and get him when he is good & ready. As for bright sides Corey Black finally got back on the bump.

His final line was 6IP 4H 1R 1ER 2BB 6SO. Talked to Corey after the game and he was really pleased with the outing. Same goes for Mama Black. Another noticeable facet of todays game was family was a plenty for the Tampa Yankees. Members of the families of Branden Pinder, Ben Gamel & Peter O'Brien were all in the stands. I'm sure there were more but nice to see especially for a road game. Spent some time chatting with all three families & spent a majority of the game with the O'Brien's. My kids have taken very kindly to Peter's mom as refer to her as "Grandma." No there is no relation but she took the new moniker in stride. LOL. Wishing those families a safe trip back home as they return after this road trip. In things that might shock people. Alex Rodriguez is actually a nice guy. Maybe not so much to the media for one reason or another but guys in the clubhouse seem to take a liking to him.

So there's that. He will not be in Brevard for the series finale tomorrow night. He is headed back to Tampa and will prepare to start @ 3B on Tuesday. Will be on hand Wednesday for the Tampa Yankees "Camp Game" & I will be hosting 13 youngster from my after school group for that game. No pictures but have some images in the follow up post for Cardboard Therapy.

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