Sunday, July 7, 2013

Alex in Brevard

Space Coast Stadium is not a park I frequent but by all the chirping I heard the attendance did get a boost from A-Rod making a pit stop while on his Rehab Tour. One thing is for sure he did bring out the "Faithful." Greeted with a mixture of cheers and jeers. I chatted to some of the Tampa Yankee players pregame and they had great things to say about Alex. So it begs the question why is he so vilified. 1 word, MEDIA? It is what it is. Alex had a solid outing in the field. Fielding a ling drive at him as well as two ground balls in the 5th inning. At the dish his line read 1-2 (single) HBP 1 R. That hit by pitch really showed why A-Rod is in the minors rehabbing. He took a curve ball to his left hip. He walked away from the plate while wincing in pain and after a moment took his base. Where he shows the growing pains of recovery is while running. He has loss some speed due to age but the hip is not helping his cause on the base paths either. In my eyes there is no need to rush Alex back let him take the whole allotted time for rehab before they activate him. Question for the day if he will play today after the HBP to the hip and if he does will he be in the field or give him a half day and DH him. The outlook for Tampa Yankees and Alex Rodriguez looks good as they continue the Brevard series on Sunday and finish off Monday then head home for a home stand that includes 5 games in a three day stretch. One has to wonder if another MLB star will join him in Tampa?

Ssebastian & Gary Sanchez
Alex between inning warm ups
Another warm up shot
Right before he gets plunked
Signed autographs for the entire 6th inning
Benny at the Dish
Saxon Butler
Tayor Dugas in CF
David Herndon in his rehab outting

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