Sunday, April 6, 2014

Yankee Organizational Players of the Week April 1st - 6th

Welcome to the the weekly segment I am doing for the blog. This will eventually be a Pitchers & Players of the week for each level in the Yankees System but since the MiLB season started on the 3rd and not every starter has had their turn on the hill I felt it would be unfair to not consider them. So this week we will keep it only position players.  The big boys in the Bronx obviously have a bigger sample size but I am just going off what we have right now. Let's get into it from the lowest current running level then to the top of the organization.

Miguel Andujar - H (5) R (1) 2B (1) 3B (1) RBI (4)

     I gave Andujar the nod over Mike Ford. Ford has more hits and runs which I considered but in the end he has no RBI and Andujar has 4 of them. The 2 that Andujar had on Sunday were ultimately all Charleston need for the W against Augusta.

Cito Culver - H (5) R (2) 2B (1)

     Culver gets my nod for Tampa not because he has lit up the stat sheet. He has a hit in all 4 games played. Consistency is well appreciated by myself.

Mason Williams - H (4) R (4) 2B (1) RBI (1) BB (3)

     Williams had a hit in the first 3 games with Trenton also delivered a walk off single on Saturday which gave the defending Eastern League Champions their first W of the year.

Scott Sizemore - H (5) R (1) 2B (1) BB (2)

     This level was tricky to pick a winner. They were able to get a double header in today. That left with 3 games (technically double headers in MiLB are 7 innings long) of stats to work with. Every other level had at least 4 full games to work with.

Yangervis Solarte - H (8) R (3) 2B (4) RBI (5) BB (1)

     This was the easiest choice by far. Everyone's newest beloved Yankee. Everyone has a name or catch phrase for him.
Never Nervous Yangervis
Yangy The Yankee
The SOLtrain
Partay for Solarte
SOL survior
Sol <3 tae
Take your pick or knock them all down but the guy has been raking. In Spring Training (people argue it doesn't mean much) and now he has carried it over to the regular season.

Tune in next week when we extend this quick trip around the organization to both pitchers and position players.

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