Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Tampa Yankees

Today was the unofficial start of the Tampa Yankees season. The team was kind enough to allow season ticket holder into the stadium while they held a night practice under the lights. Players and coach did the usual routines nothing changed other than some people were in the stands. After practice players hit the showers like usual but the Booster Club (which I am a member of) threw a pizza party for the players. Players were treated to some pizza and various desserts. The players seemed very appreciative of our gesture. We usually put an event on for them once a month so they better get us to it. Majority of the players also seemed to be taking home their Welcome Bags. The Booster Club also put those together. Anyways so since the OFFICIAL ROSTER hasn't been made public yet I will do a quick run down of who I did see out on the field.

First things first though. I did see Dan Fiorito out on the field but during a quick chat he confirmed that he did get promoted to Trenton so that roster will have some tweaks to it.

Peter O'Brien
Wes Wilson
Trent Garrison

Cito Culver
Angelo Gumbs
Reymond Nunez
Jose Toussen
Eric Jagielo
Dante Bichette JR

Cody Grice
Jake Cave
Claudio Custodio
Danny Oh
Yeicok Calderon

Dietrich Enns
Alex Smith
Manny Banuelos
Rafael De Paula

ok the pitchers I was slacking on but they were all scattered in the OF and I was working on getting my boys settled back into GAME MODE. again the names you see here are not official Tampa Yankees yet just the guys I saw at practice.

Also ANGELO GUMBS was overheard singing Let It Go in the dugout and he said "hey thats just me"


  1. Nice to see that Yeicok may have gotten promoted to Tampa. Hopefully he'll continue being a beast there like he was in Staten Island :).

  2. We can only hope... He had some nice BOMBS last night in practice. By the way Jagielo was loving RCF last night.