Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Is That a......Cardboard Rainbow I See?

If you are reading this you mostly likely already know that I collect baseball cards.  If you haven't ever taken a peek inside of my blog then well ....WELCOME. I have collected baseball cards for over 10 years on and off. It picked back up in 2010 after the birth of my first son. Most of my focus on my collection revolves around Yankee Prospects as my sons have been able to meet a lot of them the last couple years. I use them to obtain autographs from the players. Through the years I have started and stopped multiple projects for the cards. One was shown in my last post Playing with Toys . My latest project is solely baseball cards. Specifically baseball cards from just 1 player. MIKESON OLIBERTO. It really has taken a shape of it's own. Never really intended for it to build the way it has but it is a sight to see. It works out for the best as Mikeson is a really cool guy. Ok let's get to seeing what I am talking about.

In the top picture are the different chrome cards that I have. I am only missing to my collection are Super Refractor Chrome and the 4 printing plates. All 5 of those cards have print runs of just 1 card. Missing in the picture is the Orange chrome card that is currently on it's way. In the second picture are the base paper cards that I have in my collection. My collection is missing the Purple Ice & the 4 printing plates for this set. The print run for the purple ice is 10 cards and again the printing plates are just 1 card for each one. Missing in the picture is the White Ice which 25 has a print run of just 1 card and the red ice which has a print run of 25 cards. So in total I am only missing 10 cards with a total print run of 19 and 10 of those cards in that print run is just 1 card. If I could just track down the purple ice and the super I would be really really happy with this but if I could add some printing plates it would be totally awesome. Problem is 0 of the 8 printing plates haven't shown up. Neither has the super refractor and just 1 of the purple ice cards have shown up. I will stay on the search though. WISH ME LUCK

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