Friday, February 6, 2015

Playing 20 Questions with Yankees Prospects.

Many of my twitter/blog followers are either fans of (or want to know more about) Yankees prospects. Given that I have the ability to reach out to the guys, be it in person or on various social media sites. I want to give you guys such abilities. I have been known to throw out random questions to guys at any given time. So here I am asking you as a reader what would you like to ask some of these guys. Looking to compile a list of 20 or so questions that you guys would want to know. Please send generalize questions to be asked to the guys. Try to make sure they are not aimed towards just specific players. So send them in and I will start throwing these questions at the guys... We can make it sort of a game ...Like 20 questions with so and so...

I have decided that once the question slots have been filled I will do a give away for the followers that submitted a question and their question was accepted. That would be a total of about 20 people that get a chance at a free giveaway... The Give Away item... A dual signed ball by former Yankee Prospec Peter O'Brien & current Yankees Prospect Jake Cave. Let's make it happen... Also thank you for 10 thousand hits.

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