Sunday, January 11, 2015

Ty Hensley is out there GRINDING.

If you are a fan of the New York Yankees you likely might have heard about the recent events regarding Ty Hensley. In case you have been under a rock the last week or so you can read about it HERE.
While Ty's lawyer has done majority of the speaking on behalf of Hensley about the on going issue Ty's mom has taken to social media to say this.

I have personally passed on my thoughts to Ty and his family. They seem genuinely thankful for the support that the Yankees fans have shown them. While Ty hasn't said anything publicly he did release a video today showing that he is up and training. That is a good sign because those pictures of him in the hospital were NASTY. If you don't follow Ty on instagram or have him as a Facebook friend you can view the video HERE

Keep GRINDING Ty you have a lot of people supporting you.

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