Saturday, October 25, 2014


     Saying that Greg Bird is having a great Arizona Fall League season thus far is an under statement.

After 15 games he leads the league in:

Games Played (15)
At Bats (63)
Runs (14)
Hits (22)
Home Runs (5)
Total Bases (41)

If you dig deeper into the numbers:

* 2 doubles behind league leader
* 13th in OBP (w/ 10+ games played)
* 3rd in Slugging (w/ 10+ games played)
* 4th in Batting Average (w/ 10+ games played)
* 5th in OPS (w/ 10+ games played)

     If memory serves me correct he is riding a 15 game hitting streak. (statement might be off and I am too lazy to check because it's 1 in the morning) As it stands the only down fall to Greg Bird's game in the AFL is his strike out (16) to walk (3) ratio at 5.3 : 1. His 2014 season ratio was a tad over 1.5 : 1 while his MiLB career ratio is shy of 1.4 : 1. I don't see this to be a continuing problem down the road as Bird has been known for his ability to get his walks. If AFL MVP voting were today I'm sure Greg Bird would be the winner.

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