Wednesday, September 10, 2014

My #YankeesMiLB 25 Man Roster

It's about that time again. The #YankeesMiLB season has come to an end and time for me to post up my prospect team. This by no means is a reflection of the top prospects. On my roster I choose to only use players I have seen in person. So names likes Andujar, Avelino, Lindgren do not appear on my list. Also players that have had MLB time were left off this list as well. Time for the names and forget the fluff. Here it is

Banuelos, Manny
Clarkin, Ian
Goody, Nick
Lail, Brady
Long, Jaron
Pazos, James
Pinder, Branden
Rumbelow, Nick
Severino, Luis
Smith, Alex
Vargas, Cesar
Webb, Tyler

Position Players:
Arcia, Francisco
Austin, Tyler
Bichette Jr., Dante
Bird, Greg
Castillo, Ali
Cave, Jake
Fiorito, Dan
Flores, Ramon
Gamel, Ben
Jagielo, Eric
Judge, Aaron
Rob Refsnyder
Sanchez, Gary

Starting Rotation:
1. Luis Severino
2. Manny Banuelos
3. Jaron Long
4. Ian Clarkin
5. Brady Lail

Line Up:
1. Jake Cave
2. Rob Refsnyder
3. Greg Bird
4. Gary Sanchez
5. Aaron Judge
6. Eric Jagielo
7. Ramon Flores
8. Dante Bichette Jr.
9. Ali Castillo


  1. No Caleb Smith or Mark Payton

    1. As far as Payton the system is pretty loaded with OF guys.... just too many to try and keep...

  2. Replies
    1. I have seen Lindgren but not in person so it takes him off the list

  3. Replies
    1. I haven't seen Torrens play live and in person. This list only includes guys that I have seen a fairly decent amount of times to make a personal judgement. He would have likely made the team if I used the whole farm. Which is for another post all together

    2. I know and understand why he didn't qualify for your roster. But it doesn't ease the pain :'C.