Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dante Bichette Jr.

Recently came across a newly published piece on Tampa Yankees 3B Dante Bichette Jr. (which can be read HERE) and it made me think of some of the moments I have had around DBJ & some conversations I have shared with him in person and on twitter. No I will not be dishing any personal insight he has given me but I will however give some insight on what you would likely walk away with after talking to him. If you follow Dante (if you don't do it HERE) you will know that his father (Dante Bichette) is a former MLB stud, his mother (Mariana Bichette) is a very supportive mother & his younger brother (Bo Bichette) looks to be a monster in the making. From the outside looking in they look to be a very very close family. Another glaring observation about DBJ is his faith. He isn't one to shy away from his beliefs. GLORY TO GOD can easily be found in his social media streams. These is another person that comes to mind when I think of Dante and this his girlfriend Morgan. She is good people. I have had a chance to talk to here during & post games about Dante's games and other aspects of life around Minor League ball minus being on the field. The chats about Sebastian (my youngest son), the travels to and from various parks, some of the odd ball fans in the seats and some general chats. Safe to say Dante has surrounded himself with some good people. Be it by selection or by blood but I can not stray to far about why I decided to write this piece. On to more observations. You might notice he likes music. Through some grapevines I heard he can play a decent guitar. He has a dog named BOSS, even though the appearance of the dog might not fit the name. He has a weird liking for the Hunger Games. Why The Hunger Games I'm not really sure but he does have THIS hanging up.
For what its worth he isn't very good against his brother in video games. At least that's what Bo says. He puts in a ton of work into his craft. Not saying other players don't just putting out the observation. But another great thing about D is he seems to be on an even keel. Seems unfazed by what I would think is numbing chatter like "oh you are the son of so and so" or "another Yankee #1 round bust" or "get rid of the leg kick" nonsense. He has found a way to stay above all that. He vowed to me and others on social media that we will see more SWAGGER. He claimed he was a Man On A Mission (MOAN). Well folks he is living up to that. He is showing us that sometimes you just have to leave what happened in the past where it needs to be in the past. I have been asked countless times as to why is Dante able to do this in Tampa. How is he able to put up these numbers that seemed almost out of reach from his days in Charleston. He has given me hints and words how. In short.... Dante Bichette Jr. is just doing what he can do and that is be Dante Bichette Jr. That is something we should all strive to be the BEST at being US,


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