Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Yankee Prospect Team

As most know I am a big fan of the Yankees Minor League System. I catch about 50+ games of the Tampa Yankees listen to majority of the other through online radio feeds. I also watch or listen to SWB, Trenton, Charleston, Staten Island often. Recently was asked a question by someone I talked to quite often on twitter about who I would have on my squad if I could only use Yankee Prospects. Me being me whole bunch of name came to mind. Quickly decided only way to do it right was to created a whole team. plus a few reserves. Everyone knows that minor league teams that phantom DL working all the time so why can't I? Also to be fair and not over think this I only used guys in the system I have been able to see in person. There for there will be many names left off the team for that reason. Guys like Severino, Judge, Molina, Clarkin, Avelino, Wade, Katoh, Torrens, Andujar, Hensley, O'Neill and so on and so on will not be seen. The roster is not who I think makes the big leagues or who is best that their positions. This is who I would roll into a game with for one reason or another. Ask me this 10 times I might give you 9 different answers because 1 time I will be too lazy to do it again and tell you to read my last one. Let me put emphasis on this..... THIS IS NOT A END ALL BE ALL LIST. The list was created rather quickly and I did actually put thought in it. Please do not knock me for my thought process if you have no actual feed back to give. To write off a guy without reason other than "He Sucks" well to you I say "Yo mama sucks" how about those apples....Without futher ramble here is my
MAY 22nd, 2014 

Arcia, Francisco (C, 1B)
Austin, Tyler (1B, 3B, RF)
Banuelos, Manny (LHP)
Bichette Jr., Dante (3B)
Bird, Greg (1B)
Burawa, Danny (RHP)
** Camarena, Dan (LHP)
Cave, Jake (OF)
Culver, Cito (SS)
De Paula, Rafael (RHP)
** Dugas, Taylor (OF)
** Enns, Dietrich (LHP)
Fiorito, Dan (INF)
Flores, Ramon (OF)
Gamel, Ben (OF)
Goody, Nick (RHP)
** Gumbs, Angelo (2B)
Greene, Shane (RHP)
Heathcott, Slade (OF)
Jagielo, Eric (3B)
Mitchell, Bryan (RHP)
Montgomery, Mark (RHP)
O'Brien, Peter (C, RF)
Ramirez, Jose (RHP)
Refsnyder, Rob (2B)
Rumbelow, Nick (RHP)
Sanchez, Gary (C)
** Segedin, Rob (3B, RF)
Turley, Nik (LHP)
Venditte, Pat (Switch Pitcher)

** Designates a player is on my reserved list.

Pitching Rotation
1. M. Banuelos
2. B. Mitchell
3. N. Turley
4. S. Greene
5. R. De Paula

Burawa, Goody, Montgomery, Ramirez, Rumbelow, Venditte

Sample Starting Line Up
1. J. Cave (CF)
2. R. Refsnyder (2B)
3. G. Bird (1B)
4. P. O'Brien (DH)
5. G. Sanchez (C)
6. S. Heathcott (RF)
7. E. Jagielo (3B)
8. R. Flores (LF)
9. C. Culver (SS)

Feel free to ask me questions about why I choose or why did I leave so and so off. Also welcome to hear you own personal list. Just remember this list consist of guys either at High A Tampa or above. Looking forward to getting feed back.

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