Thursday, March 20, 2014

Do The Harlem Shake

It was just a little over a year ago that people were jumping onto the Harlem Shake craze. The beat of the song was infectious with no real lyrics. People for one reason or another decided they had to make a video to the song and put it on the internet for others to view. Some that stick out to me are the Dback version, the Indians version, the Miami Heat version even the Tampa Yankees gave it a go during a live game. It is nice seeing the athletes loosen up a bit and show some moves or lack there of. Today I have two seperate versions of some guys you might know. 2 guys that spend a lot of time with their families and have included their families in their videos. For your viewing pleasure. The Posada Family Harlem Shake and the Sabathia Family Harlem Shake.

I am not taking ownership of either video. I pulled them from youtube and simply just wanted to share. If you have seen these before it will likely make you laugh again. If this is your first time seeing either one...  YOU ARE WELCOME

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