Monday, February 3, 2014

Sebastian The Birthday Boy


Man it was just 3 years ago my wife and I brought home our youngest of 2 sons home. He is a Huge Yankee fan. We brought home in his Yankee blanket as we did with our eldest son. I have raised and am still raising my sons as Yankee fans (who wouldn't) Sebastian lets it be known he is a proud Yankee fans. He went to his first spring training game when was a month old. He visited Yankee Stadium at 4 month old. He met Bald Vinny in that same trip to the stadium. He has met past and present Yankees he has also gotten to know many of the minor leaguers in the Yankees organization. He is my main wing man when I head out to Steinbrenner Field to catch a game and is a has a knack for getting into my Yankee room and looking through my cards. Can't be mad he is just trying to get his Yankee fix.Below are some picture of some of his yankee adventures. I am cannot locate pictures of him meeting Oscar Gamble, Roy White & Cecil Fielder but these are some good ones. Happy 3rd birthday Sebastian DADDY LOVES YOU. Go Yankees.
Dressed for his 1st Spring Training Game

With Papa K for 1st Yankee Stadium visit
We got to meet Bald Vinny

With his Yankee blanket

He just got a ball from Quintin Berry
Hanging with Angelo Gumbs
He met Michael Pineda
He was with me to throw out the 1st pitch
High 5's with Gary Sanchez
He won Francisco Arcia's jersey
Us taking home Peter O'Brien's jersey
He helped hand out awards for Rob Refsnyder & Scottie Allen
Fist bump with Saxon Butler
Being goofy pre game
He swears he was catching a ball
More goofiness
I think he was plotting to get onto the field
They have met David Aardsma (a couple times)

He thinks he is cute can you blame him?

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