Saturday, September 14, 2013

In Honor of Murphy's 1st Start

Murphy gets the call for his first MLB start behind the dish. Wasn't too long ago when Murphy was living the #BusLife down in the Florida State League. Actually it early 2012 when he was down in High A Tampa. Weird thing that really caught my attention about JR wasn't not just his work on the field but certain mannerisms. As I was asking JR to sign cards for my kids I noticed it, he would nudge kids in the direction to say please and thank you. Which is not a normal thing to see. Great to see young guys urge the youngest of the fan base to learn manner even at the ballpark. Wasn't worried about my kids as I have taught them to say such words when asking for a favor like a players autograph. I really look forward watching his first start and wish him the best the rest of the way.

Murphy & Romine chatting in Yankees Bullpen @ Steinbrenner Field during Spring Training
Murphy standing on 1B

Some cards that Murphy has signed for us.


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